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How do I know whether group or private turoring is right for my child?

We offer both group and private tutoring to give students a chance to experience our program in its entirety.


We offer group to get your child familiar and comfortable with working in a group setting as he/she would in school. This also allows your child to build friendships and other social skills. We also understand that some children need one-on-one attention and we offer private tutoring for that children. We have some families who do a combination of both. We are here to meet your child's learning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What learning methods does Back to the Basics Tutoring LLC use?

We understand that children do not all learn at the same pace and that one learning style does not fit all. We use games, technology, free play, and free movement to conduct our tutoring. We also have methods, materials, and techniques to meet the needs of the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learner. 

How many students are in the group sessions?

We maintain a 8 to 1 ratio in our group sessions, 8 students to every 1 teacher. This allows the tutor to still conduct tutoring as a group but be available to help children on an individual basis if needed. We value quality over quantity. 

Do we have to travel to your office for services?

We offer both in-person tutoring at our facility and online. 

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