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Learning Made Fun

Back to the Basics

Tutoring Your Child Will Love

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Let the Learning Begin!

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Academic Success Tutoring

Designed for 7 -17 yr olds

Snacks Provided

Help in up to 3 Subjects 

Play Learning

Life Skills

Money Skills

Exam Preparation

Peer Interaction

Online or In-person

8:1 Ratio

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Adult/College Learning Tutoring 

Designed for 18 Yr old & Up

Snacks Available

Exam Preparation




College Course Help

Study Habits

Online or In-person

Wh0 We Serve


We work with parents in homeschooling, supplemental services, Mentorship, parental classes and more.

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We work with children with different needs and abilities. we believe that every child deserves to learn. we work with children with 

Adhd, Learning Disabilities, vision difficulties, sensory needs, cognitive delays, and more!


Here is what our families are saying:

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Aubrie and I LOVE Mrs. M! She's a genuine person and an amazing teacher who really have a passion for what she do. Aubrie's confidence in reading and math has grown so much since she's been participating  in Back to the Basics Tutoring program. Thank you for making Aubrie comfortable and making learning fun for her



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"Such an amazing place for your kid to evolve and advance. My daughter loves to come and she feels welcomed and loved. I highly recommend Back To The Basics Tutoring for your child to grow."



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"This is not your regular tutor with a pencil and paper this style of teaching she uses is actually All fun and games which always grabs his attention And the kids don’t even know that they’re learning. My son went there just for an assessment and he had so much fun he has been asking when do he returns to actually start his tutoring classes and from that moment on I knew that this is the place where he needs to be."

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A little about us...

Back to the Basics Tutoring LLC knows that learning is not one size fits all. We aim to inspire and motivate children to excel academically through engaged and interactive learning by using new approaches to increase their focus and participation in a learning environment. That's why we use games, technology, free play, and free movement to teach your child!  When learning becomes fun, motivation grows, and good results are sure to follow. This attitude is what makes us such a successful Tutoring Center. Since our founding in 2018, our fun-filled curriculum has helped many students improve academically, socially, and build tremendous amounts of confidence! We provide world-class tutoring that helps you achieve your goals.




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Top Tutoring Company Globally!

Back to the Basics Tutoring offers in-person and online tutoring. With a highly trained team, we are able to provide a comprehensive education for your child. Your child will love interacting with our teachers and students. 


PHONE:  (414) 973-1009  


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